Create valuable products from your aerial imagery

Capture images from drone, helicopter or aircraft and create fabulous maps, 3D terrain and other products ready for analysis

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AreoHawk Desktop

AreoHawk DesktopAreoHawk desktop software is a full photogrammetry suite for Windows. Highly scalable to thousands of images, whether low resolution from a drone or ultra high resolution from pro cameras. Turn image collections into single, cohesive tile sets and 3D DEM/DSM/point cloud datasets.

New for July 2014 - AreoHawk Personal Edition - Free!

We're delighted to announce the first full photogrammetry package available completely for free. Restricted to non commercial use, and maximum of 50 images.

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AreoHawk Benefits

Highly Scalable

Process thousands of images in one go. Use imaging to create high quality maps and 3D on a scale previously only available with Lidar.

Survey grade accuracy

Tell the software how accurate your GPS and your ground control are, and it will intelligently ballance this data to produce the most accurate result possible.


Results are compatible with a range of GIS tools from open source through to Esri ArcGIS.


In development for over 5 years, AreoHawk has matured into a flexible tool which can tackle a wide variety of problems.